Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic CHW Module

MCDPH's comprehensive interactive CHW COVID-19 eTraining module covers crucial topics for CHWs including:

  • Various roles CHWs can take in combating the spread of the coronavirus
  • How to talk with community members about COVID-19
  • Disease spread and how to prepare and protect themselves, their family and their homes
  • Common symptoms, testing options and how to safely connect clients to health care services
  • Steps to take when sick and caring for someone who is sick
  • Myths, facts and reducing COVID-19 stigma
  • Managing stress, anxiety and how to practice self-care

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On-Demand Training for Professionals



Community Health Workers Online Training Program

Intended for community health workers (CHWs) and other individuals who assist clients in the prevention, management and self-management of chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, hypertension, prediabetes, and asthma.

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Curso de capacitación sobre COVID 19

Este curso de capacitación sobre COVID 19 cubre temas cruciales que incluyen: La propagación de enfermedades y cómo prepararse y protegerse a sí mismos, a su familia y sus hogares, síntomas comunes, opciones de prueba y cómo conectar de manera segura a las personas con los servicios de atención médica, pasos a seguir cuando uno está enfermo y/o está cuidando a alguien que está enfermo, mitos y realidades, y reducción de estigma asociado con el COVID-19, manejar el estrés y la ansiedad, y cómo practicar el autocuidado

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Telehealth Classroom

This Telehealth Classroom training portal has been developed by the federally funded Northeast Telehealth Resource Center (NETRC), to assist regional stakeholders, including health systems, health centers, and providers to successfully implement telehealth.

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Agent de Santé Communautaire Programme de Formation en Ligne

Destiné aux agents de santé communautaire et autres personnes qui aident les clients à prévenir, gérer et prendre en charge eux-mêmes des maladies chroniques telles que l'hypertension, le prédiabète et l'asthme.


The Detection and Management of High Blood Pressure Online Training Program

Learn how to accurately take a blood pressure and why taking accurate measurements is important. Discover how to select and use equipment. Recognize common errors and understand their adverse effects.

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برنامج تدريب العامل في مجال الصحة المجتمعية

مخصص لللعاملين في مجال الصحة المجتمعية وغيرهم من الأفراد الذين يساعدون العملاء في الوقاية، وألإدارة، وألإدارة الذاتية من الأمراض المزمنة، مثل ارتفاع ضغط الدم وارتفاع ضغط الدم ومقدمات السكري والربو.


Massachusetts Coverdell Stroke Systems of Care Online Training

The Paul Coverdell National Acute Stroke Program is aimed at improving the quality of stroke care by utilizing state data and collaborating with providers across the care continuum.

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Capacitación en Línea para Trabajadores Comunitarios de la Salud

Destinado a los trabajadores comunitarios de la salud y otras personas que ayudan a los clientes en la prevención, el manejo y el autocontrol de afecciones crónicas como la presión arterial alta, la hipertensión, la prediabetes y el asma.

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New International eTrainings

Email MCDI to indicate your interest in being able to register for free COVID-19 eTraining modules being developed for front-line health workers in Benin, Equatorial Guinea, Lesotho and/or Madagascar. MCDI will notify you by email as soon as these modules go live.

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